Should you build your own website or should you leave it to the professionals? Since everyone has their own opinion on this topic, it is often a personal one. You should look at the benefits of both before deciding what is best for you and your business.

Should Your Host Your Own Website?

First off, there is our opinion, which is: ‘absolutely YES you should own your own website!’. This opinion

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derives from the fact that, because we’ve been in the self-hosted website game for quite some time, we know the advantages and disadvantages. The first is that, when you host your own website, you own your own work. This is very, very important. A free host automatically owns everything that you create with it. The second is that hosting plans are cheap! We’re about to give you a GoDaddy hosting plan that costs $1/month, which works out to $12/year. And on top of that, you get a free domain name! It’s twelve freaking dollars!

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Here are some good reasons for building your own website.


It’s Much Cheaper:

 It is much cheaper to design your own website, so most small business owners who do not have much capital will often do it themselves. The yearly domain fee and hosting fee are minimal. There are also many templates that allow you to design a professional looking website for free or a small fee.

Quicker. Since you probably have been running your business for a while without a website, you are most likely going to want to get something up quickly. It takes time to find the right designer and then you have to work with them to get the perfect website. You are looking at several weeks (at the quickest) when you might be able to get a simple website started in a few hours.

Can be simple. There are many templates available that are user-friendly, allowing you to have a professional website much easier than you would have ever thought possible. Most templates enable you to customize them, so your site is different than any other ones on the market.

Good place to start. A site that you made yourself is a good place to start, especially if money is a concern. Once you realize how well your website works for you, you may be able to consider upgrading to a more professional one. If your site doesn’t do anything, you didn’t waste much money. Could you imagine spending hundreds of dollars only to decide that you don’t want it anymore? If you are especially concerned about privacy, you may want to use a VPN while working on your website. You should check out NordVPN’s deals, they have some of the best in the biz!

Here are some reasons not to build your own website but to hire a professional instead.

Easier for you. Even though there are many templates available, designing a good website is not easy. If someone else does it for you, that person will already know what you need to put on it and where it should go.

Saves you time. Have you ever tried to design a website? If you have no idea what you are doing, it could take you days to get a basic website done. When you think about how much money you could be making if you were not working on your site, the cost will seem worth it.

Stands out. If you want your website to stand out and be different than others in your market, you need someone to design it for you. They can make you a beautiful website unlike any other, making you stand out from your competition.

Easy to use. Professionals know how to make websites that are easy for potential customers to navigate. They know exactly what needs to be on it and where things should be placed, so your visitors will stick around.

Search-engine-friendly. Another important aspect of your website is that search engines need to be able to find it. Professionals know how to do this for you, without you having to worry about it.

More credible. There is a big difference between professional sites and homemade ones. If you want to show your customers that you are serious about your business, you need to hire someone to show the world how serious you are.


Although a professional website can be costly, it often tells the world that you are serious about your business. That doesn’t mean you can’t build your own. If you are just dabbling and don’t want to spend much money right away, a homemade site might be perfect for you. Only you can decide whether to tackle the project yourself or spend the money to have a professional do it.