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If one is considered negative in the credit bureau, then a loan without credit bureau is often the only way to keep financially afloat. But a loan that is not registered in the credit bureau is also helpful for people who are planning a larger financing and the banks should not know that you already have a loan running.

Credit bureau is the first point of contact for German banks when it comes to checking the creditworthiness of a customer. If the credit bureau has negative characteristics, it is almost impossible to obtain a loan in the normal way.

How do you get a negative credit bureau clean again?

How do you get a negative credit bureau clean again?

Basically, it’s easy to get his credit bureau score clean again in the medium term. You just have to take out a normal loan and operate it as per contract. The more credits you use according to the contract, the better the valuation of credit bureau, but how can this be possible if the banks no longer lend to negative credit bureau?

This is possible with a trick. Just suggest to your bank adviser to deposit a security deposit. This can be, for example, the surrender value of a life insurance policy. Or a vehicle registration card, etc. If the bank is good with you, it will get involved, as there is no financial risk. It is also helpful here if you have been a customer at the bank for some time and thus know their payment transactions and the bank can see if you pay regular bills.

Also, it is helpful if the bank knows why you have a negative feature in the credit bureau. Possibly by an extraordinary emergency.

How can someone from an emergency out negative in the credit bureau?

How can someone from an emergency out negative in the credit bureau?

Imagine that a person has taken out a loan without credit bureau. This person has been working in a company for 10 years, had a positive credit rating and regularly paid his installments. And from one day to the other this person has become incapacitated by an accident at work.

Now this person has retrained and has a permanent employment contract in another job. If the bank knows about this process, there is no reason why the client should not get a loan again now. He did not act negligently but could not do anything for his fate.

There are also loans that are generally awarded without a credit bureau exam.

There are also loans that are generally awarded without a credit bureau exam.

Such loans without credit bureau are rarely reputable, often an agency fee is due. Because the default risks for customers who are getting more money anywhere are particularly high, the interest rates for such loans are particularly high. However, in an emergency, such as having money for the operation of your pet, such loans are often the last resort.

But you should always synonymous with these offers compare and try to trade the interest rates down by trying to offer any collateral. Here, too, offers the surrender value of a life insurance, or the vehicle registration.

You usually can not afford the agency fee, but you should never pay in advance, but only when you have the money in your account. Sometimes such loans are only offered if you take out insurance in return.

This has the following reason:
The provision for the insurance should minimize the default risk of the lender. This is an attempt to drive the effective annual interest rate on “legal” detours to astronomical heights. Do not get involved in such things!

5 tips on credit without credit bureau reputable

5 tips on credit without credit bureau reputable

1. Recognize reputable providers

Providers of credit bureau-free loans must not act differently from reputable banks. Thus, no pre-cost may be charged, because this is not permitted under current law. Only when a loan agreement has been successfully concluded can the intermediary calculate his fee. This is usually included in the total loan amount. In addition, should be taken from offers that promise an amount of 5,000, 10,000 or even more euros.

Such amounts are unrealistic, because usually a suffrage-free loan only sums up to 3,500 euros awarded. Everything about it can be called utopian and does not correspond to reality.

2. Dubious approach – this is how it can be recognized

Dubious providers are often already recognizable on their website. This usually does not meet the minimum security requirements, because it often lacks encryption or separately secured internal areas, which are prescribed for money transactions but. In addition, unsustainable promises are made about extremely high credit sums.

In particular, the small print should be read carefully by all providers. If this refers to the costs of mediation, which must be provided in advance, such an offer is already classified as dubious. Also, sending the documents for a COD charge is not only a dubious process, but simply not allowed.

3. Banks abroad are not dubious

Without exception, all loans without credit bureau are taken abroad. Here, the German credit bureau is not tested – so it has so no influence on the lending. Even the reputable providers do not act differently, because without a trip abroad, corresponding offers would not be realized.

So if you talk about Swiss loans or about banks abroad, this does not necessarily mean that the provider is doing a frivolous game. Here, other facts must come to light to prove a reprehensible course of action. Incidentally, Luxembourg is also a country where debt-free loans are often granted to Germans.

4. Read reviews

A good way to check the seriousness of credit burau loans, is the reading of test reports. Countless users pass on their experiences, so that it is easy to see if this is a serious offer. However, one should not rely solely on opinions alone. 

If you have an emblem with a verifiable test result on your site, you can basically become familiar with it. In real life you should always rely on your own feelings. Anyone visiting a credit broker here will quickly notice for themselves whether the chemistry between people is right.

5. Pay attention to registration

For all loans without credit bureau, the provider must have a registration for financial transactions. The corresponding information can usually be found in the imprint. If these details are not listed, then it is necessary to refrain. Also, a commercial register number should not be missing, because this is basically mandatory for companies in this industry.

If the provider is registered abroad or even only a foreign fund is mentioned as a lender, then it is in most cases fraud. Even providers who require very few documents for their credit bureaufreien credit are in any case to avoid, because it applies: For a credit bureaufreien credit the same documents are needed as for a regular bank loan.


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