Loan works: simulation and credit rates for your work



Would you like to take out a Work Loan to enlarge your house, develop new spaces or renovate a room? Whether you own or rent, Pre-Finance offers solutions to finance all or part of your project.

What amount for your project? Which monthly payment to choose? How long do you need to borrow for your Work Loan?

Estimate your project with our borrowing simulator!

How to choose your loan Works: monthly, duration, rate

How to choose your loan Works: monthly, duration, rate

Your renovation, enlargement or decoration project is well advanced in your mind. From now on, you need to think about financing your work. If you do not have the funds you have the possibility to subscribe a credit to finance all or part of your work.

Think of the loan work!

How to optimize your loan according to your situation?

With or without input, you will find the right solution for your projects. With the Loan Works, borrow from $ 3,800 to $ 75,000 over a period of 36 (3 years) to 120 months (10 years), on the basis of a fixed rate, until the end of your project.

A 120-month credit project allows you to choose a monthly payment adapted to your situation and your needs.

How to make a simulation of Loan Works?

How to make a simulation of Loan Works?

Nothing more simple with our simulation tool: in a few clicks, you fill in the amount, duration and / or monthly loan you want to subscribe.

This simulation is free and without commitment

You can indeed make your request from our simulator. It incorporates a credit calculator that will allow you to see at one go, all the key information of your project. You will find the details of the financing characteristics of your Personal Loan Works.

Your monthly payment is defined at the beginning and does not change during the entire loan period!

With or without personal support for your project, thanks to our work loan simulator, it is indeed easy to test the various possibilities that are available to you to find the appropriate financing.

You benefit from a fixed rate for the duration of the loan

When you choose the Work Loan, you benefit from a fixed interest rate for the duration of your loan.

This fixed APR is between 3.90% and 9.90% (fixed debtor rate from 3.832% to 9.477%), depending on the duration of your credit.

You have made the simulation that suits you with our calculator, you just have to finalize your loan request Jobs at the best rate via the online form. It will only take a few minutes!

If you need help, you can contact a counselor who is there to help you.

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