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Next Generation Firewalls: What Can We Expect? (More SSL)

More SSL Encryption is on the Way

Before we start, we wanted to announce a new cool monthly prize to our readers. Today we’re giving you access to a cool godaddy ssl coupon codes website that’ll save you money on SSL certificates. Once you read this whole article, you’ll realize why these are incredibly important in the hyper tech world to come (plus it makes your readers feel safer!). The Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are designed to protect against everything that goes into a network. It doesn’t matter whether the information originates from the Internet, mobile devices, a cloud system or a private network. The NGFW stands guard against hostile e-mails, attachments, Trojans, bots and other ways that malicious software and malware may try to penetrate a network. This system detects and protects against a malware threat before it breaches the network wall. It’s that simple. If a visitor makes a request for a web page to the network, the NGFW acts instantly to give that visitor the web page free of malware and other harmful computer viruses. In a nutshell, that means that pages served by the network are free of mischief. Networks using NGFWs can assure visitors that the pages they visit or download are virus and malware clean and contain only the vital and useful information they seek. The NGFWs are equivalent to a high-tech cleaning service that scrubs clean every image, copy, banner ad, video file and link. The bugs and viruses are washed away, and what’s left are clean, virus-free data waiting for customer pickup. While it’s true that a malware protection system embedded in a computer system can accomplish this work, the NGFWs work by stopping the infection before it embeds itself into  the network. Think of the image of a doctor who…
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Cloud Web Hosting: Hostmetro Explains What it Is:

Note: Hostmetro is full of terrible puns, but he does a good job at explaining complicated subjects in straighforward ways that make sense for most people. He doesn’t know we’re doing this, but we are giving you guys a link to a list of valid Hostmetro coupon codes that you can use to give him less money if you sign up with them. That’ll show ’em! You’ve probably heard about cloud computing, or cloud storage, or cloud players. You may even have some nebulous (get it? Cloud joke!) idea of what it means. To tell the truth, it’s much simpler than it probably seems. The hype around the concept, and the use of the term for everything tech-related of late, has obscured the truly simple underlying concept. So, how does this cloud thing work? Cloud service companies offer their software and/or storage, which you pay a regular, recurring amount, to use. Everything is done off site. The cloud service company’s computers run the software and their servers hold the data. You access everything via the Internet. It’s kind of like streaming video. When you stream a video from a site like YouTube or Netflix, the video itself is hosted on a computer somewhere else. You use the Internet to transfer the data, in this case video and audio, to your computer a little at a time, as you need it. The video is never stored on your computer in anything more than temporary memory. As soon as you disconnect from the service or close your browser, it’s gone. Cloud computing works the same way, only instead of video, you’re streaming software. Your computer is sending data to and receiving data from a computer at another location, over the Internet. The other computer is doing all of the…