How to Use Hosting Promo Codes to Turn Your Blog into a Profit Machine.

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Care To Turn a Profit On Your Blog? Try To Not Make These Mistakes

To many people, starting a blog is more than just a way to put their thoughts online – it’s a way to make a profit in publishing. Blog publishing is a competitive business, though. And there are plenty of ways to make mistakes along the way. But people do it every day. We’re going to help you avoid all those blogging pitfalls with these tips:

Not ‘Bootstrapping’: i.e. Use GoDaddy Promo Codes!

One of the main ways people fail at turning their blog into a profitable business is that they don’t control costs at the beginning. Setting up a website with web hosting and a domain registration shouldn’t be expensive, but if you don’t shop around you could end up spending several hundreds of dollars right off the bat. That doesn’t give you much flexibility when it comes to turning your website into a profitable business. That’s why we recommend using a godaddy promo code. Use one of their hosting coupons and you’ll spend $1/month, which includes a free domain registration.

godaddy promo codesHoping for too much, too soon

Good blogs are so plentiful on the Internet that new bloggers often don’t see how difficult turning a profit can be. A blog can no more turn a profit on the strength of its content alone than a business can on the strength of its products. Turning a blog into a success requires constant marketing, too. 

What is marketing? Marketing is essentially putting yourself out there and introducing yourself to the world. You are introducing a brand that people will want to connect with, and they will pay money to be a part of.

You need to network extensively and find clever, cost-effective marketing opportunities. A blog owner, much like a business owner, needs marketing talents.

Going in without the marketing chops

When you read about search engine optimization, you are often told that Google evaluates websites on quality to determine the ranking they deserve. If you offer quality information to your readers on a regular basis, there’s nothing else you need, you are told.

If you take this kind of advice literally, though, it can take forever to gain the recognition you need to become financially viable. You need to devote as much time to learning how to market your blog as you do to writing it and maintaining it. A constant search for relevant keywords and backlink building opportunities to pursue is vital.

People skills are an important ingredient of coming by blogging success, too. One of the best ways for new bloggers to build backlinks involves getting in touch with other bloggers in the niche. Not only do you need other bloggers for the advice that they can give you, you need them to put in a good word for you with some of their readership.

Networking isn’t just about meeting people

While you may need to get in touch with other bloggers at times, you can get by on far less personal involvement. Bloggers need to sign their blogs up for Twitter and Facebook accounts even before they publish their first post. This way, they can put social media sharing buttons on each post to get word-of-mouth going.

Not thinking about keywords

Search engines don’t pay as much attention to keywords as they used to. They do still need keywords to know what your post is about, though. You need to use keyword research tools to locate the most popular keywords and aim each post at a couple of them. As long as you don’t go overboard, leaning on the right keywords can help.

Finally, trying to turn your blog into a cash cow too early can backfire

If you are to do well with ad placements on your blog, you need a healthy amount of traffic. Most blogs are unlikely to reach such levels in even a year. Not worrying about the monetization for the first couple of years can actually work in your favor. As you reach out to other bloggers for help, an un-monetized blog is more likely to make you appear serious and well-intentioned.