2022 Volkswagen ID.4 receives slew of updates, promises longer range


Volkswagen has updated the ID.4 EV for this year with a host of changes. The German automaker claims the updated Volkswagen ID.4 2022 comes with a range of software and hardware changes, some interior tweaks. The most interesting update, however, is the improved lineup on offer.

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The Volkswagen ID.4 2022 gets a more powerful 135 kWh on-board charger, instead of a 125 kWh. The automaker has yet to unveil the updated official ID.4 lineup, but the German automaker says it will be greater than the 418km range offered by the outgoing ID.4.

The price of the Volkswagen ID.4 2022 will also be increased in all versions, according to a Car and Driver report. For reference, the current Volkswagen ID.4 is priced between $ 41,995 and $ 50,135. The automaker has also claimed that it will introduce an over-the-air update (OTA) later in 2022. This OTA is expected to have an auto-hold function as well as a pick-and-charge system.

These updates are a refreshing touch before Volkswagen introduces an all-new-generation model of the ID.4 sometime in 2023. The Volkswagen ID.4 2023 is expected to bring some significant changes. The automaker hasn’t revealed many details on the next-generation ID.4 that will hit the market next year. However, the automaker has hinted that it will use a battery from another supplier.

The battery for the Volkswagen ID.4 2023 will come from the supplier SKI rather than LG. However, this new battery will have similar chemistry. Apart from that, the other modifications to the new generation Volkswagen ID.4 will include a redesigned center console that would be revised to be more American-style, as claimed by the brand.


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