A host of civic issues bog them down for years


Visakhapatnam: A settlement that falls under the core area of ​​the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) continues to struggle with a number of issues.

Although the Marripalem VUDA layout came into being in 1990, the area lacks several basic amenities.

Worn roads, an incomplete drainage system, undeveloped park space and inadequate sanitation are some of the problems facing residents of the neighborhood.

Despite the active presence of Resident Aid Associations (RWA) and highly qualified people staying on the premises, residents here mention that they have not been able to resolve the colony issues that continue to plague them. For years.

In addition to the existence of a multitude of independent houses, the area of ​​the 52nd Division near the NAD junction has more than 120 apartment complexes.

Due to age, the settlement’s worn roads make travel risky. Maintaining sanitation is another major challenge that residents continue to face. “Previously, a 14-member sanitation team worked in the neighborhood. The number has now grown to nine. Yet the settlement suffers from a lack of proper sanitation. Garbage is littering the roads. , we have hired three other staff for sanitation purposes, ”says Mandalapu Vasudeva Rao, president of the association for the well-being of residents of Marripalem VUDA Layout.

A park whose development was proposed in public-private partnership mode between the GVMC and the RWA is now in play. “The proposal was made in 2019 and part of the work for the park was completed. The RWA share at height of Rs 14 lakh is invested in it. But we have not yet obtained the part of the company to complete the project, “said CHV. Suresh, secretary of the association.

Since there is no proper drainage system in place, domestic water often stagnates in one corner of the colony. Although the work of the UGD was resumed in some parts of the area, however, it remained incomplete. “The lack of sanitation hasn’t stopped the authorities from collecting Rs 120 for each household’s garbage collection. It was previously Rs 30. The waste that comes from a star hotel and other restaurants in and around of the colony also lands here when they pass through the drains that dot the neighborhood. As a result, we have to endure an unbearable smell, ”rue P Gururama Reddy, a resident of the neighborhood.

A vacant and dilapidated police station housed in the area has proven to be a hub for anti-social activity. The inhabitants demand the demolition of the old districts because the disbelievers not only create nuisances by gathering there in the evening but also leave empty bottles of alcohol in the buildings and on the roads.

In a settlement where there is a regional provident fund office, a passport office, a Rythu Bazaar, five banks, an ESI hospital, three private schools, civic issues continue to preoccupy residents. Going forward, residents say, if city officials don’t address their issues, they might not be able to pay their property tax.


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