Android apps arrive on Windows 11 with Intel Bridge technology


One of the most important features of Windows 11 is allowing the new Microsoft operating system to run the Android app much faster than expected, thanks to Intel’s Bridge technology.

We don’t have full details on Intel’s Bridge technology yet, but Intel has described it as “a runtime post-compiler that allows applications to run natively on x86 devices, including the running these applications on Windows. Intel’s multi-architecture XPU strategy delivers the right engines for the right workloads by integrating major processor cores, graphics technology, artificial intelligence accelerators, image processors and more, into one solution unique and verified.

For the consumer, this means that a Windows 11 PC needs to run an app written for Android much faster than with emulation, like the popular Bluestacks emulator for Windows.

Interestingly, these Android apps in Windows 11 will come from Microsoft’s BFF Amazon which has waged its own war with Google’s Android store. Amazon’s Android tablets are the most popular tablets for the operating system. However, as a variant of Android, Amazon does not have access to the Google Play Store. So he created his own store which he will now make available to Windows 11 users. Using Windows 11 from Amazon’s store also means, like those popular Amazon Fire tablets, that he won’t get a direct access to Google services, either in a native Android Gmail client or in Maps.

However, the apps you can run from the Amazon store should at least work very well with Bridge technology.

AMD is not left out

With Intel as the primary driver for one of Windows 11’s key features, you might wonder if people using AMD-based Windows devices will be left out. Good news: AMD is also included.

“Intel believes it is important to provide this capability on all x86 platforms and has designed Intel Bridge technology to support all x86 platforms (including AMD platforms)” Intel said Tom’s gear in a report. “However, Intel provides platforms that translate into an optimized experience, making Windows platforms running on Intel Core processors the best choice.”

We won’t know how it all plays out until people get their hands on it, but it’s clear Microsoft isn’t embracing a feature that favors only one chip vendor, which is a good thing. .

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