Announcing the affordable Android smartphone Jio Phone Next: sale date, key features and more


The Jio Phone Next was announced at Reliance’s recent 44th AGM 2021. Notably, the company headed by Mukesh Ambani announced a partnership with Google at last year’s AGM held in June. Now, the company has announced its affordable Jio Smartphone Next in partnership with Google. Jio claimed that the next Jio phone will be the most affordable smartphone in India and the world.

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Jio is known to offer cheap mobile top-up plans to its users and with the Jio Phone Next, Ambani says everyone in the country will have access to a smartphone. Mukesh Ambani announced that the JioPhone Next is an optimized Android smartphone co-developed by Jio and Google. Here’s everything you need to know about the Jio Phone Next.

Following features of Jio phone

Jio Phone Next will be available in India from September 10

Jio did not reveal much information about the Jio Phone Next like its technical specifications, however, the design of the handset was presented. The JioPhone Next will be a plastic-covered smartphone with a single camera and speaker on the back and huge bezels on the front. The smartphone appears to feature a compact form factor. It appears to sport a removable back panel, but we can’t confirm that.

JioPhone Next will allow users to translate displayed text and camera in real time

JioPhone Next will allow users to translate displayed text and camera in real time

Regarding its functionality, the smartphone will boot an optimized version of Android, presumably to be able to run smoothly on basic hardware. In addition, the smartphone will have features such as a voice assistant, automatic text reading on the screen, language translation, a smart camera with AR filters, etc. Jio has announced that the Jio Phone Next will start a hugely optimized version of the Android operating system, designed to run smoothly on budget smartphones.

JioPhone Next offers a dedicated night mode, HDR and integrated Snapchat lenses

JioPhone Next offers dedicated night mode, HDR and built-in Snapchat lenses

Jio Phone will then allow users to quickly translate any text on the phone screen and read it aloud in their preferred language with the push of a button. Users can also point their cameras at text to be translated in real time. This will help users who want to read any content in their vernacular. Read Aloud and Translate Now are system-wide features, which means they work with any text on the screen.

Speaking of the camera, Jio claims to have worked closely with Google to optimize the camera module. The Jio Phone Next offers a dedicated night mode, HDR and Snapchat lenses. According to Jio, the built-in Snapchat lenses will offer users India-specific AR filters. The Snapchat Lenses button is located right next to the shutter button in the camera UI.

The Jio Phone Next will also ship with the system-wide Google Assistant as part of the app actions. The telecom operator also announced that the Jio Phone Next will benefit from new features and optimizations with regular OTA updates.

JioPhone Next price, availability

Jio Phone has yet to announce the price of the JioPhone Next in India. However, he confirmed that the smartphone will be the most affordable offering in India as well as the world, and we expect it to cost around 2,500 rupees according to previous reports. The new launch will be available in India from September 10 to mark the Ganesh Chathurthi festival.


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