Best CPU Cooler Deals for the Holidays: AIOs from $44


After an extended period of processor shortages, AMD Ryzen 5000 and Intel 11th and 12th Gen Alder Lake processors are now readily available. And if you’re about to build a new system around one of these chips, you’ll probably be looking for an aftermarket CPU cooler, whether it’s an air cooler or of a liquid-cooled AIO. This is especially if you plan to overclock and/or want quiet performance.

Although deals on some components are scarce this year due to shortages and shipping issues, we’re seeing plenty of deals on the best CPU coolers. So check out the CPU cooler deals below and save money while reducing fan temperature and noise.

Just be aware that if you are purchasing a cooler for Intel’s new Alder Lake processors, you will need to obtain a separate mounting bracket for the LGA 1700 sockets from your cooler manufacturer. The options below won’t include it in the box because Intel’s latest platform is so new.

Best AIO Cooler Deals

Best Air Cooler Deals

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