Boebert expresses concern over FBI overbreadth in Mesa County case


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert addressed the Mesa County election security breach investigation, expressing concern over the FBI’s overbreadth.

DENVER – U.S. Representative for Colorado Lauren Boebert (right) said Monday the Mesa County district attorney had informed her of an investigation into her former campaign manager and the Mesa County clerk and recorder .

“At my request, I recently received a briefing from District Attorney Dan Rubinstein. It addressed my concerns about the involvement of the FBI and the absolute need to extend the presumption of innocence to all those under investigation, ”Boebert said in a press release.

Local law enforcement, along with the FBI, raided Sherronna Bishop’s home earlier this month. Bishop is a strong supporter of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is under investigation over a security breach in which passwords to the county’s voting system were posted online .

Peters has openly stated his belief that the 2020 election results were fraudulent. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) has since banned Peters from overseeing elections in her county over allegations she allowed an unauthorized person to access Mesa Dominion voting machines .

Authorities searched Peters’ home the same day they visited Bishop’s.

“As many of you know, I have been a vocal opponent of the overbreadth and targeted nature of FBI activity at the national level. It is clear from our conversation that the district attorney is responsible in his approach. and conduct its work in as timely and professional a manner as possible, while providing local oversight of the role of the FBI. I will continue to be briefed as the investigation progresses and can reassure everyone that I will continue to plead in favor of fairness, speed and strict respect for the rules of the investigation process, “continued Boebert’s statement.

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Speaking on 710 AM KNUS over the weekend, Bishop told radio host Randy Corporon that the FBI warrant served at his home was for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. If convicted, this charge could result in up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.

Bishop described the FBI search as an “atrocity” and suggested that the law enforcement officers involved in the search were like Nazi soldiers who shot babies.

Peters said she was “terrified” when her home was searched.

A statement from Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser disputed claims that these searches were excessively in force.

“[Nov. 16], the 21st District Judicial District Attorney’s Office and Colorado Attorney General’s Office, along with our FBI partners, conducted authorized enforcement actions in support of an ongoing investigation into the alleged electoral system violation. in Mesa County, ”Weiser said.

“We have reviewed a statement from the Tina Peters Legal Defense Fund claiming a level of force in the execution of this joint federal-state law enforcement operation. At no time was force used against Ms. Peters or her home. Ms Peters was allowed to move around her house and prepare her breakfast while officers gathered items before leaving. “

Boebert’s press release did not include a statement about the data breach itself.

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