Ed Pittenger joins F&F Productions as Vice President, Engineering


Industry veteran Ed Pittenger will join F&F Productions as vice president of engineering and oversee the day-to-day operations of the engineering department with a primary focus on the technological design and innovative growth of the signature GTX fleet of F&F of 4K and HD mobile units and acting as F&F engineering liaison for client projects.

Ed Pittenger will join F&F Productions as Vice President, Engineering.

“As we move forward in the world of intellectual property, we see an increased need for knowledge and practical experience as IP technology evolves,” says Marc Orgera, President / CEO. “Adding Ed to our remarkable engineering team will strengthen the company’s current and future technology efforts, designs and ideas and help integrate them into our mobile units and our customer’s front and on-site broadcasts.” . “

Orgera says Pettinger’s past experience with mobile units, coupled with his knowledge of IP design and commissioning, will be a great addition to F&F.

“Adding additional engineers to our staff with intellectual property knowledge is essential for the continued growth of F&F and we look forward to seeing Ed join the F&F engineering team and help guide the company towards the future. ‘before,’ says Orgera.

Pittenger says he has been fortunate enough to work in many facets of the broadcast industry, most recently with LAWO as project manager on SMPTE 2110 installations and CTG as director of engineering where he focused on the design and commissioning of IP / SMPTE 2110 and 3G HDR. control rooms and routing systems across the United States

“Having worked in the intellectual property field, not only on the design and solutions side, but also the physical installation and commissioning of these systems, I can see things from both the point view of an engineer and communicate with manufacturers to troubleshoot anything related to intellectual property, ”he says. “I am very happy to return to F&F, the opportunity brings together everything that fascinates me and allows me to be at the heart of the innovation that defines the direction and direction of the brand.”

Prior to Pittenger’s recent role at Lawo, he worked with F&F Productions for 12 years as EIC on a number of mobile units in their fleet and helped bring F&F into the HD world by helping with the design and to build their first two mobile HD units in 2004, then take the helm as EIC on GTX-11. He attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk and Valencia Community College with a specialization in TCP / IP technologies.

He will reside in Clearwater, Florida.

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