Find your safety screen products on the Crimsafe Virtual Showroom


If you’re looking for a new security screen solution but aren’t sure if it will suit the style of your home, step into Crimsafe’s virtual showroom.

Recently launched by Crimsafe Security Systems, the new Virtual Showroom is an interactive tool that uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to bring Crimsafe products to life, allowing you to explore the product range from the comfort of your own home.

The tool embeds 3D Crimsafe products into different parts, which can then be customized in multiple ways. You can view products from multiple angles, zoom in and see each product as if it were in your home.

Interactive options in Crimsafe’s virtual showroom:

Choose your home style

Not all houses are built the same. That’s why you can choose to see the Crimsafe line of products in different home styles, including Modern, Post-War, Colonial, or Federal.

Level of protection

Switch between Crimsafe Regular, Classic, Ultimate and iQ products to determine the best level of protection and search for your home.

Color selection

Preview the Crimsafe product range in a selection of standard colors to get an idea of ​​how this product color will look in your home.

Explore the applications

In addition to Hinged Armored Doors, you can also explore Crimsafe’s Sliding, French, Folding and Stacking Doors as well as Hinged, Fixed and Sliding Windows and Escape Routes – Safe-S-Capes.

Interior and exterior views

While all Crimsafe products are visually appealing, some may suit your style of home more than others. Easily switch between interior and exterior views so you can see both sides of the Crimsafe product line.

Zoom in and out

Take a closer look at every product, every fitting and every type of application.

The next step…

Once you have chosen the right product and style for your needs, you can upload a screenshot to guide your research or, with the click of a button, you can arrange a free measurement and quote with your Crimsafe supplier on closer.

View the Crimsafe virtual showroom here.


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