First 1TB iPhone 13 Pro benchmark proves the price is right


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The first 1TB iPhone 13 Pro benchmarks show the price is right

Love it or leave it, Apple is going to increase the average selling price of its iPhones this year and next the old fashioned way, providing us with a more expensive option that has more storage.

There is nothing that adds more to your credibility than saying “I have a 1TB iPhone” is the thought, and the insane new storage option, along with the The 120Hz ProMotion display might even force some iPhone 12 Pro / Max users to reconsider their oath that it will be their phone for the next three years. How fast is the A 1TB iPhone 13 Pro model?

Score AnTuTu iPhone 1TB

One of these puppies has just been posted by AnTuTu, the benchmark that tests every component of the telephone experience, from the CPU / GPU combo, through memory read / write speed, to the interface experience. And there you have it, it’s a better score that shows how powerful the phone is without any ifs, but and maybe.

the iPhone 13 Pro, which Apple calls “iPhone 14.2” internally, managed to overtake last year’s 12 Pro by a significant margin thanks to significant gains in the memory and sub-departments. graphics system.

The The Apple A15 processor saw more modest performance improvements over the A14, but let’s not forget that both are made with the 5nm process, and its second generation in the A15 was found to be only 7%. faster or 15% more energy efficient than the first by the TSMC foundry itself.

Either way, the biggest culprit behind this record-breaking iPhone AnTuTu score is the memory subsystem which shows 44% gains over the last gen, boosted by the fast read / write speeds of RAM. and storage.

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