Ford releases files for DIY Maverick accessory mounts

The 2022 Ford Maverick has won numerous automotive press awards (including our own Best New Model honor) for several reasons.

After more than a decade of steady growth in truck size, it’s almost unique in that it’s a truly compact pickup. (almost, because the Hyundai Santa Cruz appeared almost simultaneously and in a similar size). Its standard hybrid drivetrain makes it the most fuel-efficient truck on the market by far. That’s good for 42 mpg in city driving. Its starting price hovers just under $20,000, less than half the cost of an average new car in this market.

And the truck’s spunky, do-it-yourself spirit impressed critics. Its small 4.5-foot bed has built-in notches for 2x4s and is wired for power accessories, so owners can build any custom contraption they want.

The FITS system

And its cabin is filled with mounting points for accessories. The Ford Integrated Tethering System (FITS) uses mounting points throughout the cabin. Customers can purchase cupholders, phone mounts and other Ford internal knick-knacks to mount wherever they want. Or they can download FITS bracket specs, design their own props, and 3D print them.

Ford has now given owners a head start on this process. This morning, the automaker released free design files for a series of Maverick accessories. Owners can now visit Ford’s website to download CAD files of the designs.

Print your own or buy from Etsy sellers

Ford hopes to create a community around the FITS system. Already, enthusiasts have started posting designs to Thingiverse, a free resource for 3D printer owners. It’s filled with downloadable files for grocery bag hooks, holders for various phones, cord organizers, holders for particular brands of water bottles or coffee mugs, and organizer lockers.

If you don’t have a 3D printer yourself, Etsy stores sell many accessories, or you can send your files to a service like Shapeways that will print them for you.

Ford has not announced plans to use the FITS system for other models. But it’s a safe bet that the company is watching closely if a DIY community grows around the Maverick.


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