Former TV host explains comments about Jacinda Ardern causing earthquake


A former TV and radio presenter moved away from her earlier claim that Mother Earth created an earthquake out of dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s Covid management plan.

Former Breakfast, Good Morning and RNZ presenter Liz Gunn now says she was only using a metaphor.

It comes after Ardern held a press conference last Friday to unveil the country’s new 90% immunization target and the traffic light system to handle the virus when an earthquake hit the center of the country. North Island.

Gunn then posted a video online saying that Mother Earth’s earthquake happened right after Ardern announced his “evil plan.”

“Our mother, our jewel, this beautiful country has said enough, enough,” she said.

However, Gunn told Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan today that she used the earthquake as a metaphor.

“I’m sorry… I have a sensitive soul, I work as a metaphor,” Gunn said.

“The metaphor is that we are all collectively broken.”

Gunn had previously expressed anti-vaccination views in his video.

Du Plessis-Allan told Gunn she talked about heart disease in her video and asked if she had a medical exemption for not getting the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

“I don’t give out my personal health information,” Gunn replied.

“I’m not asking people for personal medical histories. What happened to our country?”

Gunn said she respected du Plessis-Allan’s right to have a different opinion on matters.

“I will go into Parliament if I have to and defend your right to do whatever you want with your body,” she said.

Gunn posted his video on Saturday. In it, she said the introduction of vaccine passports was a way to divide the nation and separate people with different vaccine statuses from each other.

In a 10-minute interview with du Plessis-Allan today, she said she had received numerous emails of support since the publication of her video.

“The emotional side of me, I read them often and I have to stop and I have to cry for our country,” she said before reading aloud a letter she said she received.

Gunn previously worked at TVNZ between 1990 and 2003.

She was part of the original TVNZ Breakfast crew alongside Mike Hosking and Susan Wood in 1997.

In 2001, Gunn took over from Alison Mau as host, forming a team alongside Hosking.

But she made headlines in December of that year when she left the live-air program. At the time, it was reported that Gunn and Hosking hadn’t clicked as the presentation team, but TVNZ bosses were left behind when Gunn told viewers she wouldn’t be back. in 2002.

During this time, Gunn also worked at Radio New Zealand, hosting a number of shows before finishing in 2016.

Gunn’s latest video came after Ardern announced on Friday that New Zealand would switch to a traffic light system to handle Covid-19 when district health boards vaccinate 90% of their eligible populations.


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