HEAD UP OSHKOSH: Lakeshore offers 50% over budget; OPD to train in virtual reality; non-union workers get 2.5%


Welcome to the November 22 edition of HEADS UP OSHKOSH, where you get a sneak peek at the news and conversations for the week ahead. This is our 44th issue of 2021.


  • Lakeshore Lodge offers 50% over budget
  • Oshkosh Police to Receive Virtual Reality Training
  • Non-union workers will receive a 2.5% raise
  • New police, fire radios included in ARPA expenses
  • Happy Thanksgiving

Lakeshore Lodge offers 50% over budget

Bids for the proposed Lakeshore Pavilion were approximately $ 1.5 million against the budget of $ 3 million.

“Substantial increases in material costs [appear] be the main reason for the higher-than-expected bids, ”Parks director Ray Maurer said in a note to the Joint Council.

The board will consider what to do next at its meeting on Tuesday. Options range from abandoning the project, although $ 271,000 has already been spent on the design, to using American Rescue Plan Act funds to move the project forward.

In other real estate-related issues on this week’s agenda, council is expected to consider zoning changes that will move the construction of a new college and a new main office for the parks department forward. .

Council will also consider purchasing a vacant, but possibly contaminated site on Main Street across from the Oshkosh Arena for $ 36,000. “It was determined that the former use of an auto repair shop / business had an impact on groundwater, but did not pose a significant threat to the environment and human health,” according to a memo on duty.

Oshkosh Police to Receive Virtual Reality Training

The Oshkosh Police Department is seeking permission to purchase a virtual reality training simulator called the Apex Officer using donated funds.

“The Apex Officer system is a comprehensive solution designed to enable trainers to make presentations / lectures, conduct interactive tests / assessments and provide scenario-based hands-on exercises with detailed debriefing and review,” according to a note. on duty.

“The simulator… places the officer in a variety of situations to determine how well he exercises judgment in shooting situations,” said City Manager Mark Rohloff.

The board is expected to approve the purchase on Tuesday. A private donor gave $ 62,500 to cover the costs, Rohloff said.

Non-union workers will receive a 2.5% raise

Non-union municipal workers would get an overall increase of 2.5% under a resolution to be submitted to council on Tuesday.

The increase compares to the 3% increase that workers in Winnebago County are expected to achieve next year and the current inflation rate, which is set at 6.2% using the price index at the consumption.

The higher salary will cost taxpayers $ 362,529.

New police, fire radios included in ARPA expenses

Council will vote on Tuesday on the first installment of spending under the American Rescue Plan Act, including nearly $ 2 million to replace police and firefighter radios.

Another major part of the proposed spending is $ 900,000 to repay the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation for a loan it made in 2007 to help renovate the convention center.

If these and several other smaller expenses are approved, the city will still have about $ 11 million for infrastructure projects and about $ 5 million for other purposes, as ARPA allows.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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