High definition SWIR camera for military applications


The Phoenix HD5 SWIR camera is a high-definition (HD) format (1280 × 1024 pixel) uncooled imager that features a shortwave infrared HD sensor and an ultra-small 5 µm pixel pitch that allows for more pixels on the target with short focal length optics. The camera captures instant SWIR images that offer high sensitivity from 1.0 µm to 1.65 µm, and built-in processing offers sharpening, user-defined convolution filters, region of interest (ROI), automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic exposure control. (AEC). Video output is parallel CMOS and optional Camera Link, MIPI and USB3. Specifically designed for low size, weight, and power (low SWaP) applications, the HD5 SWIR camera is ideal for integration into small gimbals and small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS), and other portable systems and mounted on low swap soldier.

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Contact: Attollo Engineering
Headquarter: Camarillo, California, USA
Product: Phoenix HD5 SWIR camera
Main characteristics: 1280×1024 pixel high definition format, Camera Link, MIPI and USB3 output options, 1.0µm to 1.65µm sensitivity.

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