How much does it cost to manufacture the iPhone 13 Pro? Here we have the exact numbers


We recently mentioned that the manufacturing prices of the devices were increasing and that the outlook for 2022 is not favorable. Same, the iPhone 13 Pro was not spared by this trend and we already know what the cost was manufacturing of Apple’s flagship product.

Of course, although the rise has knocked on the door of the bitten apple, the company has continued to win a good chunk of the cost-benefit pie. Here are the numbers of this mobile.

IPhone 13 Pro cost analysis

The guys at Techinsights were tasked with doing the component analysis of the iPhone 13 Pro and that’s why we know everything about this top of the line.

So, so that we can understand it better, below we will leave the most important points regarding the issue of manufacturing costs and the profit that Apple has achieved regarding the iPhone 13 Pro:

– In the published report, The material list for the iPhone 13 Pro costs around $ 570, around 494 euros. In the US market, the brand sells the iPhone 13 Pro for $ 999, and it’s one of the cheapest prices when compared to other countries.
– Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro build represents roughly $ 20 more increase for Apple.
– Compared to the competitor, Samsung, and the Galaxy S21 + BOM, it’s about $ 60 more, so the components of the South Korean mobile is about 508 dollars.
– According to the engineers, the higher cost is due to the higher costs of the A15 Bionic chipset, the price of the display subsystem, NAND memory and an increase in the cost of the main cabinet.
– Although there have been price increases in manufacturing, cost reductions have also been made, for example, at the storage solutions provider; Instead of going for Samsung, the North American company chose Kioxia. Also, it is revealed that it still uses 6GB LPDDR4X RAM from SK Hynix, while some manufacturers are already using LPDDR5 RAM.
– Although it is presumed that this is a minimum benefit of $ 430, specialists suggest that it ise only deals with the cost of the components, but to these must be added the marketing, research and development, sales, manufacturing costs, among other factors.

Despite the fact that the Techinsights post does not reveal that the cost has increased due to the chip shortage, we can bet that this is a relevant factor and which we have already discussed in detail in this article. Added to this, the thickness of the mobile and the capacity of the battery could not be left behind as the reasons which led to the more expensive manufacturing.


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