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crazy money Host Jim Cramer has spoken out in support of Tesla’s self-driving and autopilot programs, both of which are designed to make driving safer by allowing vehicles to support more and more tasks of a human driver. According to Cramer, these technologies have the potential to save lives, as the number of human conduct errors is enormous.

Cramer’s comments were made following the appearance of Elon Musk and his youngest child, Baby X, at TIME magazine’s Person of the Year event. the crazy money host noted that while Baby X stole the show on several occasions during his father’s interview, Musk got pretty serious when he spoke about Tesla, especially his self-driving efforts. Cramer noted that Tesla’s work in this area is important because the world loses large numbers of people every year due to traffic incidents.

“The first point he raised concerned the notion of autonomous driving. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before we realize that an AI driven car is much safer than a human car (driving) because machines don’t get drunk (and) they don’t. not drive when half asleep. Look, we’ve lost millions of people in car crashes around the world over the years, but that’s never part of the self-driving discourse. He wants to change that, ”Cramer said.

the crazy money The host then mentioned that coverage of accidents involving self-driving cars is not really that goal in the media. This was especially true when one took into account the fact that regular traffic accidents, involving human drivers, occur so frequently that they are rarely reported in the media.

“Eventually we’re going to a point where self-driving cars can just anticipate things a lot better than human-driven ones… Musk has become an evangelist for this kind of technology, and I think we need that because every time we go. “There’s an autonomous driving accident, the press treats it like it’s the end of the world, even though accidents – fatal accidents – happen with human drivers. They don’t even make the headlines anymore. We need Musk to champion this cause, and we need others to follow, ”Cramer said.

Tesla’s work in autonomous driving has been quite impressive. While Elon Musk’s previous estimates of the full capabilities of Tesla’s FSD and autopilot have proven to be overly optimistic, the company is getting closer to its goal. Just recently, for example, FSD Beta completed a hands-off ride on one of America’s most dangerous roads. The program has also remained very secure, despite Tesla adding more FSD beta testers following the rollout of its safety scoring system.

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Tesla’s FSD program championed by Jim Cramer: “I think we need it”


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