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This week’s roundup of embedded industry news and products below includes: Brainchip, SiFive, e-peas, SEGGER, Dhyan, Senet, Bosch Sensortec, MikroElektronika, MIPI Alliance, StorCentric, Infrafon, Sequans Communications, Andes Technology and IAR Systems.

brain chip and SiFive said they have combined their respective technologies to offer chip designers optimized AI/ML edge computing, aimed at enterprises looking to seamlessly integrate optimized CPU with dedicated ML accelerators. BrainChip’s Akida is an advanced neural network processor architecture that brings AI to the edge with high performance, ultra-low power, and on-chip learning. SiFive Intelligence solutions, with their multi-core and multi-cluster configurable design, integrate software and hardware to accelerate AI/ML applications.

(Image: e-peas)

e-peas added three new constant voltage power management ICs (PMICs) for intermittent input implementation energy recovery systems. The AEM00330, AEM00300 and AEM00940 all have full versatility of storage elements, allowing them to be applied to energy harvesting implementations with single or dual cell supercapacitors, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Li- Po, NiCd, thin film batteries and solid state batteries. Each of them has selectable and adjustable storage element protection mechanisms, covering overcharging and over-discharging.

(Image: SEGGER)

SEGERIntegrated studio for Version 6 arm now offers real-time memory management that improves efficiency and response time for allocating and freeing memory, enabling hard real-time applications written in C++. This brings Embedded Studio for Arm to the same level as the recently announced version 6 of Embedded Studio for RISC-V, and now supports the development of any Arm-based microcontroller, including Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R and Arm7, Arm9 and Arm11 legacy cores.

IoT Device Management Company Dhyane announced a turnkey solution partnership with a cloud software platform provider Senet manage smart street lights powered by Senet’s LoRaWAN network service. Once interoperability testing is complete, the turnkey solution claims to make it easier to add smart streetlights to existing LoRaWAN networks, such as those deployed for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects for water utilities or other municipal and corporate applications.

Dhyan smart-lighting-management-software-dashboard
(Image: Dhyan)

Bosch Sensortec introduced the BMP581 Barometric Pressure Sensor, which combines low power consumption with precision to provide altitude tracking in wearable, hearing or IoT devices. This capability makes it ideal for applications such as fitness tracking, fall detection, indoor tracking and navigation, enabling new use cases the company has previously said were not possible. The sensor can significantly improve the flight stability and landing accuracy of drones, and help detect water levels in household appliances to prevent flooding.

Bosch Sensortec BMP581
(Picture: Bosch Sensortec)
MIKROE mikromedia range
(Image: MIKROE)

MikroElektronika (MIKROE) unveiled micromedia, a portfolio of over 100 smart screen development boards that make creating multimedia applications quick and easy, with a wide range of sizes, styles and touch screen options. Mikromedia TFT LCDs are offered from 2.8″ diagonal (mikromedia 3 types) to 7″ diagonal (mikromedia 7 types), framed or frameless, to accommodate a wide variety of microcontrollers including Microchip PIC, STMicro STM32, TI TIVA and NXP Kinetis. The devices include capacitive touchscreen functionality and an integrated DSP-powered audio codec IC.

the MIPI Alliance named Sanjiv Desai of Intel Corporation as Chairman of the Board of MIPI Alliance. Desai, who had served as vice president since 2013, took on the role of longtime president Joel Huloux of STMicroelectronics, who announced his upcoming retirement. Along with this transition, board member Rick Wietfeldt, Qualcomm Incorporated, was named vice chairman. In addition, Peter Lefkin has been promoted to the position of Executive Director of MIPI Alliance and will continue to serve as Secretary to the Board. Hezi Saar of Synopsys Inc. remains Treasurer of the Board of Directors, a role he has held since 2016.

MIPI Alliance Board of Directors Announcement
(Photo: MIPI Alliance)

Secure Data Management Solutions Company StorCentric announced the general availability (GA) launch of the Nexsan Unity NV10000, an enterprise-grade all-flash NVMe platform. Support for File (NFS, SMB), Block (iSCSI, FC), and Object (S3) data storage protocols in a unified platform enables consolidation and supports a wide range of applications . Ideal applications include big data, analytics, backup, and streaming, as well as connecting to many public clouds, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, allowing organizations to move data as needed for tiered storage and optimize hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Infrafon smart tag
(Image: Infrafon)

Infrafon used Sequans Communications’ Monarch cellular IoT technology to connect your Infrafon CC1 smart card. The CC1 is a computerized name tag weighing 50g with smartphone functions fully controlled in the live cloud and worn as a wearable accessory to identify wearers through its e-paper display; it can contain a variety of information, including personalized credentials, appointment details, health data, geofencing settings, and NFC credentials. The Monarch 2 GM02S LTE-M/NB-IoT module from Sequans provides cellular IoT connectivity that allows the Infrafon smart badge to always stay connected via the reliable LTE-M cellular network.

Andean Technology introduces its AndeSight IDE v5.1 to simplify software development for RISC-V and IA Heterogeneous Multiprocessor, including its Andes RISC-V A(X)45MP superscalar multicore and Andes RISC-V NX27V vector processor. To support the operating system with SMP (symmetric multiprocessing), Andes offers the first RISC-V port for SMP Zephyr RTOS and Zephyr’s driver subsystem, verified on its RISC-V multi-core platform. With regard to AMP (asymmetric multiprocessing) applications, AndeSight integrates OpenAMP which provides a communication infrastructure between heterogeneous systems and allows AMP applications to take advantage of the parallelism offered by multiprocessor systems.

IAR systems announces the latest version of its graphical modeling and code generation solution IAR visual status. The new release introduces cross-platform host support that allows IAR Visual State to run on Linux or Windows. With IAR Visual State, developers can graphically develop Java and C# applications in the same environment as C/C++ applications, reducing the risk of accidentally creating differences in functions and simplifying maintenance when developing systems containing at the same time. both in-vehicle and mobile or desktop applications.


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