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Lorain County Metropolitan Parks celebrates creativity through their weekend-long Block Party.

The Metro Parks has partnered with NeoLUG, North Eastern Ohio Lego User Group, to display a series of intricate Lego displays and host building programs.

“This weekend, it’s all Legos,” said cultural arts programmer Erin Moran. “We have some really cool Lego displays in the lobby for the weekend, so we also attract Lego enthusiasts through these different programs.”

A special Lego-themed playschool was held at French Creek Reservation, 4530 Colorado Ave, on March 19 from 10-11 a.m.

Moran said the program actively involves preschoolers.

Youngsters explore, play and create a story during the Lego-themed Playschool activity. (Aliah Kimbro — The Morning Paper)

“Our Playschool program for preschoolers takes place twice a month and is generally nurture- or nature-based,” she said. “No matter the theme, it’s always about the game.”

During the lesson, the students built an original Lego character and created a story together.

Moran filmed the story and allowed the students to view in the theater when the program closed.

“It’s fun but also educational,” she says. “I knew it would be really cool to quickly capture their acting moments and be able to see it all again, I hadn’t planned to narrate the movie but I guess that was the actor in me.”

Youngsters watch their play movie at the theater in French Creek. (Aliah Kimbro — The Morning Paper)

Moran is also artistic director of the French Creek Theatre.

“I think it’s really important for us to bring film and theater to Lorain County because it’s the easiest way to connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with,” she said. “It brings people together at such a precise point that they literally feel the same emotions.”

She said she believed the theater was a great addition to Metropolitan Parks in Lorain County.

“It’s great to have in a park system because not many park systems offer that,” Moran said. “It also attracts people who don’t normally go to the park.”

For more information on upcoming programs or theater productions, visit lorraincountymetroparks.com.


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