Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is coming


Microsoft has released a second preview of the planned Visual Studio 2022 64-bit IDE, with C ++ and debugging improvements.

With the second preview, released on July 14, a hot reload feature for C ++ and .NET allows developers to apply code changes directly to a running application without needing to take a break. A capability called Force Run provides a debug command to run an application at a specific point, ignoring any breakpoints or exceptions. The ability is useful for breaking out loops that have breakpoints.

Preview 2 is accessible from the Visual Studio website. This preview improves usability with updated icons intended to be clearer and easier to distinguish. This follows the introduction of the easier-to-read Cascadia Code font in Preview 1 in June. Additionally, Web Live Preview adds tools to make web design more accessible to ASP.NET web designers. The changes can be seen live in the IDE, even with data-bound controls. Preview 2 is also available in multiple languages ​​including Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, while the first preview was only in English. Other features of Preview 2 include:

  • Live preview for XAML and web apps
  • The latest version of C ++ generation tools, version 143, which are binarily compatible with other 14x tools
  • New integration of CMake build and test tools, as well as transparent targeting for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2)

Visual Studio 2022 is the next major release of the IDE, with 64-bit support intended to allow the platform to scale to larger projects and complex workloads without running out of memory. Key themes for Visual Studio 2022 include productivity, modern development to build applications faster, and constant innovation, with improved collaboration, actionable diagnostics, and code support.

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