Mixed-use subdivision planned for West Meridian, ID


The Town of Meridian has received an application for a large mixed-use subdivision.

Located in West Meridian at 3235 N McDermott, just east of the new Owyhee High School, the Aviator Springs Subdivision would develop 40 acres of rural land.


IAG Capital would build 93 detached single-family homes with a “variety of designs suited to the area,” the letter of application states.

“The unique adjacency of the project site to Owyhee High School is captured in the design of the site,” said the letter of application. “This western boundary includes a pedestrian path with an emphasis on safe and passable routes to school, and the civic uses proposed for this western edge will house organizations that should complement the neighborhood and encourage a vibrant community. ”

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The houses would be a mixture of one and two storeys. Aviator would have 372 covered parking spaces in a garage and driveway and the letter of request stated that the roadways would “accommodate” 146 overflow spaces.

“The houses will be designed in a traditional modern theme and will be built using a variety of high quality materials, including cement cladding and cultured stone,” the letter of application reads. “Buildings should be designed with elevations that create interest through the use of broken plans, windows and fenestrations that produce a rhythm of materials and patterns. “

The applicant offers several amenities, including a swimming pool and cabana, a variety of trails and grassed play areas.

“The design of open spaces throughout the community emphasizes the pedestrian experience and takes advantage of perspectives and linear corridors,” the letter of application reads. “For example, the cul-de-sacs are not entirely surrounded by residential lots, creating a visual connection between the east-west streets and the large adjoining open space. This design feature allows for long range views to the front and encourages people to interact with the large open space of the community.

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The application letter indicates that three commercial zones within the development have been confirmed.

The applicant stated that there would be a LDS seminary building which is a four-year religious education program, a boys and girls club for children and adolescents, and the third lot would house an Acclima facility which would provide the company a space to test the irrigation systems.

The subdivision would develop in two phases over about four years, according to the letter of application. The first phase would be the residential and commercial area to the west and the second would be the east area.

The applicant will appear before the Meridian Planning and Zoning Commission to seek preliminary approval of the land flat, zoning and annexation on October 21.


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