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Unless you’re a Denver elite or live in the suburbs, finding a pool in or near the city is next to impossible. Swimply – a self-proclaimed Airbnb adaptation for swimming pools – allows users to book pool sessions by the hour, day, or weekend, all within walking or driving distance of town. So you can escape the scorching Tony Montana style during this record heat.

Golden Mountain Getaway

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The truth : Just a 45-minute drive from Denver, Golden has acquired a knack for craft beer and moderate hiking trails that pay off with stunning views. This location accommodates up to eight people, offers a barbecue, adobe style fire pit, hot tub and plenty of spots for sunbathing. For $ 45 an hour, you can host a small meeting while soaking up the sun and spectacular views of the verdant Golden Mountains. Enjoy a peaceful swim nestled in the foothills and watch out for passers-by in the woods.

Resort-style pool and pool house in Centennial

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The truth : Looks like the Sopranos are on a business trip. About a 20-minute drive from Denver, this private pool house in Centennial features an indoor kitchen, outdoor barbecue, TV, mini-bar, sauna, and … oh, there’s also a foosball table, among other fancies. . This mat is pool party certified, and the host even encourages it on the list: “When the pool table is taken out, it can be used as a mini dance floor. The only downside to this place is that the maximum capacity is only eight people, so you will have to choose your dance fight partners wisely.

Southeast Denver’s Best Private Resort at Foxfield

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The truth : It’s a great family weekend all season long. Poolside parties are permitted and have a sound system. However, the host encourages guests to be respectful of neighbors and be aware of noise levels. With mountain views, a waterfall and a cave, it’s perfect for a day of relaxation.

Red Rocks Pool in Denver

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The truth : Exclusively family: ponies, llamas and donkeys included. The host has a strict no-party, alcohol, tobacco, or loud music policy, making it ideal for quiet gatherings or a day out with children. And yes, there are animals. No, you cannot swim with them.

SplashFork Pool, Grill & Grounds in Aurora

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The truth : Hosts Ned & Ann cater to all pool party requirements, and more. With a maximum of 75 guests allowed, a volleyball court, slide, and speaker system sitting on a 2.5 acre property, good luck finding the Polo at your Marco here. Not to mention that the views are suitable for a king.

Heated Pool and Hot Tub at Castle Rock

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The truth : This is the country of the suburbs and soccer moms so you can’t have a blast, but it is suitable for a more family function. The host allows poolside parties and there are no alcohol rules, but smoking is not permitted and written consent is required for parties / events prior to arriving. The backyard has options like the corn hole and ladder golf course, so whether you’re a little buzzy or ten, there’s something to keep you entertained.

40 foot central Denver pool

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The truth : If you’d rather stay in town, head to the heart of it at this location close to downtown. With a contemporary backyard, capacity for 13, and a large outdoor area with a large swimming pool, this is a tough choice to make for a decent meeting. Poolside parties are allowed and the host has no specific alcohol, tobacco, or music rules. With that in mind, remember that you are still in town and near a residential property. So everyone can still hear and smell you.

All photos are courtesy of Swimply, unless otherwise noted.

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