NXP i.MX RT1180 Cortex-M7/M33 crossover microcontroller integrates GbE TSN for industrial IoT communication


The NXP i.MX RT1180 is the latest member of the company’s i.MX RT series of crossover microcontrollers with application processor-like performance. The Arm Cortex-M7/M33 dual-core 800 MHz microcontroller is purpose-built for industrial IoT communication with a Gigabit Ethernet port supporting Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN).

NXP also points out that it is the first crossover microcontroller to include an EdgeLock secure enclave that “simplifies the implementation of robust system-wide security intelligence for industrial IoT applications”, and the new processor aims to bridge the gap between existing industrial systems and Industry 4.0 System.

NXP i.MX RT1180 Key Features and Specifications:

  • Processors – Arm Cortex-M7 800 MHz + Arm Cortex-M33 240 MHz (optional: single-core Arm Cortex-M33)
  • On-chip memory – Up to 1.5 MB SRAM (ECC protected) with 512 KB TCM for Cortex-M7 and 256 KB TCM for Cortex-M33
  • Memory and Storage I/F –
    • 2x FlexSPI for HyperRAM or HyperFlash
    • 8/16/32 bit SDRAM/LPSDRAM
    • NAND flash/parallel NOR
    • 2x eMMC 5.1, SD 3.0
  • Networking
    • Gbps Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Switch supporting multiple protocols
      • Real-time industrial Ethernet protocols such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE Field, HSR, etc.
      • Latest generation TSN standards compliant with IEC 60802 for industrial automation
      • TSN-based protocols such as OPC UA Pub-Sub, Profinet over TSN and CC-Link IE TSN
    • Ports up to 5 Gbps, including 4 ports on the TSN switch (Layer 2) and 1 port on the TSN edge controller
    • L2 management with advanced flow control features including port counters, filters, and more.
  • Peripheral devices
    • 2x high-speed 16-bit analog-to-digital converters
    • 1x DAC
    • Advanced timer/PWM and delta-sigma demodulators
    • 6x LPSPI
    • 2x I3C, 6x I2C, 12x UART,
    • Audio – 8-channel digital microphone input, 4x SAI, SPDIF
    • 2x FlexIO
    • 2x USB OTG with PHY
    • 3x CAN FD
  • Security
    • EdgeLock Secure Enclave – Pre-configured, self-managed, self-contained security subsystem
    • Component-level basis for IEC 62443 system compliance
    • Root of trust requirements in complex networked systems with secure boot, secure key mechanism, and high performance encryption
    • System-level physical tamper monitoring with secure RTC and 10 tamper pins
  • Packaging
    • 289 MAPBGA, 14 x 14mm, 0.8mm pitch
    • 144 MAPBGA, 10 x 10mm, 0.8mm pitch
  • Temperature range – -40°C to 125°C
  • Qualifications – AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualification

NXP provides the usual software development tools for i.MX RT1180 with MCUXpresso configuration tools for configuration, open source MCUXpresso SDK and MCUXpresso IDE for creation, building, debugging and optimization of your app.

Target applications include automotive networking, Ethernet switches, building and factory automation, healthcare, industrial gateways, motion control and robotics, motor drives, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and remote I/O, among others.

NXP hasn’t said when to expect the i.MX RT1180 crossover microcontroller, and it’s currently listed as a pre-production product on the product page. Based on previous history with NXP processors, that could mean a launch in a few months or even years.

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