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Thomson Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has developed an online product selector that helps customers choose and purchase round rail linear guide systems. The new tool provides an interface that allows users to find the optimal solution for their applications in just a few steps.

Round rail linear guide systems are the undriven building blocks for linear slide tables. Thomson offers linear guides in a variety of sizes, bearing types, and mounting configurations to suit motion control designs and applications. Options include end and continuous support systems, a side mount system and FluoroNyliner linear guides, providing increased bearing load capacities, improved life and improved performance.

Users have access to an intuitive and visual menu displaying the available Round Linear Rail Guide alternatives and gives a list of Thomson recommendations. They can narrow their search by adjusting filter parameters such as size, accuracy, stiffness, load/life, and speed. They also come with upfront pricing, timeframes, and live user-prompted support without ever leaving the original page.

Once setup is complete, users can download a 3D model of the product into their CAD program or access a PDF containing product features and specifications. The whole process takes less than five minutes to bring the user to an optimal round rail linear guide system that meets their needs. It is much faster than the traditional technique and produces more accurate results.


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