PiStorm brings modern muscle to the Amiga


The Amiga, well known as the best and largest computer ever to be built, is nevertheless a platform of yesteryear. Its 68K architectures, and later PowerPC, were both abandoned by the mainstream, and its attractive gray industrial design no longer adorns store shelves. That’s not to say the platform is dead though, with pure and hard crushers like [Claude Schwarz] work hard to keep it alive with projects like PiStorm.

PiStorm is a Motorola 68K processor emulator, running on a Raspberry PI 3A. The Pi uses its GPIOs to interact with a CPLD chip, which acts as the logical glue to allow the modern single-board computer to emulate the original Amiga processor. However, it’s more than just a way to replace or upgrade a processor. It also offers additional features, such as re-targeting graphics acceleration, SCSI disk emulation, and the ability to run any Kickstart ROM of your choice.

While the initial work was done on a Pi 3A, [Claude] also demonstrated some of the basic functionality running on a Pi CM4 as well. The benchmarks are fiercer than a Beyoncé Super Bowl halftime show, so if you need to growl your classic Amiga, this could be the way to go. As a bonus, the files to create your own are readily available on Github, which should make this a more accessible mite than other Amiga accelerator cards.

We wonder if this accelerator could be used to connect the Amiga to Spotify, like this previous version. Probably, time will tell. Video after the break.

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