Red Hat Hires Another Linux Developer to Work on GPU Hardware Activation


Red Hat already employs many open source graphics driver developers, from DRM subsystem maintainer David Airlie to many other members of his team working in areas ranging from Mesa OpenCL support to heterogeneous memory management. to other user space and kernel enhancements for open source Linux graphics. Red Hat has now put out a call to hire another experienced Linux GPU driver developer.

Red Hat has posted a new job posting for a Senior Software Engineer to focus on enabling GPU hardware. IBM Company is looking for an Engineer to focus on Linux kernel GPU support, GPU memory management and GPU driver development, as well as to work on OpenGL and Vulkan issues. The role will include developing the upstream GPU infrastructure for the Linux kernel, backporting changes from upstream to their RHEL kernel, and resolving various issues on RHEL and Fedora regarding graphics drivers and upgrading. upstream of these fixes.

If you have at least five years of Linux kernel development experience, including around device drivers, learn more about this latest exciting Red Hat job posting through their job board. It’s great to see Red Hat continue to employ more open source GPU driver developers, not only for the benefit of RHEL and Fedora, but also upstream of Linux. Red Hat has also hired to finally improve HDR display support on Linux as well.


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