The 3D product line includes stereo cameras


Basler AG has added a series of industrial-grade stereo cameras to its 3D imaging product portfolio. Robots equipped with Basler stereo cameras can perceive their environment in real time. The five model variants are available in basic distances of 65 millimeters and 160 millimeters, each in monochrome and color versions. All cameras come with a pre-installed modular embedded software package suitable for typical robotic applications such as object recognition or bin picking. The idea behind the Stereo Camera family is based on a plug-and-play computer vision solution that does not require machine vision experience or expertise. Thanks to the on-board processing, the cameras can be integrated directly without an external computer. The software package already installed on the camera contains six modules that are suitable for different robot applications and can be individually selected.

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Contact: Basel AG
Headquarter: Ahrensburg, Germany
Product: Basler stereo cameras
Main characteristics: Robots can perceive their environment in real time; five model variants.

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