The smart flower system with climate control automatically helps grow plants without human intervention.


It can be said that the greens inside the house radiate healthy and positive vibrations to relax the body and mind. But caring for these plants inside the house is not a piece of cake for everyone. Some people try very hard but to no avail. This is where smart planters come in. Using high-tech monitoring and cultivation techniques – with minimal human effort – these planters can water, care for the soil, and automatically adjust the environment to intensify plant growth.

Smart planters are available in spades. While some options rely on artificial light to help grow greens in the more shady parts of the house, there are others that keep plants happy and healthy on their own. In the already crowded but highly demanded segment, designer Evgeniya Burmistrova has introduced a smart flower system with climate control that takes care of plants independently and leaves you with a green and inviting environment at home.

Designer: Evgeniya Burmistrova

This smart planter can monitor air, soil and plant conditions to ensure it is getting the right amount of water and light for healthier growth. Designed with the working population in mind (who have less time to tend to their plants, but like to have them indoors), the flowerpot can artificially control humidity, air temperature, and more. . to ensure that the plants do not die during the user’s time. long absence. This effort can be even more beneficial for users, who can, through a mobile app, control, monitor and see plant performance from anywhere.

This flower system consists of three elements: a pair of smart flower pots and a stand. Although all components are designed to work independently, they are best used together with both pots hanging from the stand. The stand is as versatile as the planters; it is usable in both vertical and horizontal orientations and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The pots and stand all have their own LED backlight that works as a light source to provide natural light for photosynthesis.

That means no matter what kind of plant you have, this smart flower system will take care of it even when you can’t. A planter like this is bound to look great in the home and make indoor gardening enjoyable for everyone (regardless of an individual’s time or knowledge).


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