This is how you now use the Windows Subsystem for Android

Putting in Windows 11: HOW TO FIX Enhancement Complications

For Windows 11, Microsoft has now released Windows Home Subsystem for Android. Even so, it’s currently only available in the US, so you’re using it now.

Microsoft has unveiled the highly anticipated Windows Subsystem for Android, WSA for short, for Windows 11. Unfortunately, not all users can access it yet, as the device is currently only offered in the United States. .

Nevertheless, there is an easy way to use the subsystem now and not wait for it to launch. It usually only takes a few very simple steps and configuration improvements and you can download the actual WSA. We show you how.

If your computer meets the following technical requirements, you can now download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft store. If you insert it, Windows Home Subsystem for Android will also be installed on your computer.

Equipment prerequisite
processor Intel Core i3 (8th era)
AMD Ryzen 3000
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c
random entry memory at least 8 gigs
kind of difficult generation Good Point out Drive (SSD)
processor architecture X64 or ARM64
More: Virtualization/Hyper-V will need to be enabled
Amazon account to download the software

Prerequisites for the Home Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) method

This is how you get around obstacles

If your computer doesn’t meet the requirements, you probably won’t see the Amazon Appstore. This may be due in particular to the significantly improved processor and key memory requirements. Officially, you still need to have a US Amazon account to get apps from the Appstore.

Unofficially, you can also completely bypass Amazon and set up Android apps on Windows 11 by working with sideloading and Google app store. How it works we will explain step by step in the linked guidelines.

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