WaterField Analog Pocket Pack and Pouch review: Elegance at a price


They don’t come cheap, but the obvious build quality and design of WaterField’s analog pocket pack and pouch makes it worth it.

the Analog pocket is one of the best ways to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on real hardware, and the WaterField Analog Pocket Pack and Pouch are two of the best ways to transport it. With quality construction and attention to detail in items that simply feel good to hold, WaterField has crafted a perfect pair of carrying cases for Analogue’s Retro Pocket Portable System. This quality, however, comes with a hefty price tag that may put it out of reach for potential customers.

WaterField manufactures a wide variety of bags that cover a range of different gear, from tablet cases and accessory pouches to bags for the Steam Deck and Switch. While some items are clearly designed for more general purposes, a range of others are designed specifically to store both systems and the various accessories that come with them, such as cords, games and adapters.


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While it’s perhaps surprising that WaterField has decided to fill its product line with these exclusive pocket-oriented designs, anyone lucky enough to step into Analogue’s first run of sold-out pocket systems will probably feel like they’ve got a lot of fun. to have had a second stroke of luck. the purchase of one of these two transport bags. Beyond the price, there’s almost nothing to complain about here.

WaterField’s Analog Pocket Pouch Offers Minimalist Convenience

WaterField Analog Pocket Pouch

Not everyone will need the exact same type of carrying case for every device, and WaterField has provided two separate products to meet the needs of handheld gamers. The first is the Analog Pocket Pouch, which is about as simple as such a product can get. Replacing something like Analogue’s hard case, WaterField’s Pocket Pouch trades impact resistance for a velvety fabric lining on the inside and a two-tone water-resistant nylon texture on the outside. There’s not a huge amount of cushion, and it definitely won’t offer the same protection as a hard case, but it feels like it could protect the pocket from a short drop, with more protective material around the edges – but dropping one to find out is not recommended.

Loops are included for the shoulder and wrist straps (sold separately), and a side zippered compartment provides room for a few spare classic Game Boy games or other games to play on the computer pocket, although the number may depend on the size. cartridges – it should safely hold two original Game Boy carts. The whole thing closes via a strong magnetic case that closes with a satisfying snap, stays closed even when trying to shake the pocket, and can be opened easily with a swipe of your fingers. At $49, it’s quality to pay for, but the quality is undeniably there in every way, and the pouch is both functional and satisfying to hold.

WaterField’s Analog Pocket Pack Serves the True FPGA Enthusiast

WaterField Analog Pocket Pack

As a fully functional hardware emulator for multiple gaming systems, the Analog pocket pack might be the best option for gamers with larger libraries or anyone looking to invest in the Pocket’s dock for connectivity with larger screens. Where the Pocket Pouch’s simplicity earns it high marks for staying out of the way, the Pocket Pack’s carry-everything approach still manages to avoid being bulky. It uses a soft liner to hold the Pocket, its docking station, and two different adapters for other systems, so anyone who wants to game on the go or take the Pocket and its accessories between TVs can keep everything they have. need together. An exterior zippered compartment offers more miscellaneous storage, and a four-quadrant zippered mesh interior allows for more storage for play. At $129, it’s a luxury that comes at a cost, but those who interested in FPGA hardware emulation for game preservation may see cost as a lesser barrier.

The quality of the pack and pouch is top notch, with heavy metal zippers, a great feel when held in the hand, and the pack comes with a strap that has equally strong metal clasps . Given the general shortage of specially designed carrying cases for the Analog pocket, the choices are already limited, but the function of each unit suits the size perfectly. For those who can afford it, WaterField Analog Pouch and Pouch Bag are anything but guaranteed to please.

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the WaterField Analog Pouch and Pouch Pack is available now on the official site. Screen Rant received a sample product for this review.

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