Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 released on Dev Channel


One of the many quirks of Windows 11 is the taskbar bug, which causes tooltips to appear randomly when you hover over the system tray and navigate back to another area of ​​the system. the taskbar. Microsoft addressed this issue with the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494.

The update is live for testers on the Developer Channel. Some of you had commented on the bug, but for those who don’t know what it is, here’s an animated GIF.

Windows 11 taskbar bug demo

I’ve been using the latest preview version on my VM for a day and can confirm that it fixed the annoying taskbar bug. The announcement of the new version mentions another fix related to the taskbar, it fixes a bug that led to the duplication of icons in the corner of the taskbar.

Activate and deactivate the sound of your microphone from the taskbar

The previous version of Insider Preview introduced a new way to control volume, by scrolling the mouse wheel over the system tray icon. Windows 11 Build 22494 allows you to mute your computer’s microphone directly from the taskbar. There’s a huge caveat here, this feature appears to be exclusive to Microsoft Teams, at least for now. When you join a call on Teams, the microphone icon appears on the status bar, click it to mute and re-activate it.

Activate and deactivate the sound of your microphone from the taskbar

Image credit: Microsoft

There is something else I have to mention, the mute option only works with the standard Microsoft Teams app, not with the Chat Teams app that came in Windows 11. Well if you are one of those who do. ‘use to work / study from home, you should find the option useful.

Align groups in Alt + Tab and task view

The new version of Windows 11 will show Snap Groups in the Alt + Tab and Task View screens. Microsoft says this option is not available to all users, only some Insiders have this option.


The Apps & Features section of the Settings app has been renamed. Well, technically it has been split into two sections: installed apps and advanced app settings.

Apps installed on Windows 11 and advanced app settings

The first has new options to change the view: List, Grid and a smaller Grid.

Here’s the larger grid view, which looks very touchscreen friendly, doesn’t it?

View of the grid of applications installed on Windows 11

And that’s the other.

Small grid view of applications installed on Windows 11

Windows 11 installed apps screen

The Advanced App Settings screen has options to choose where to get apps, share across devices, run app aliases, archive apps. It also has an option to uninstall updates, which I think would allow us to uninstall app updates, but that just takes you to the Windows Update History section.

Windows 11 advanced application settings

The default apps search bar now shows a drop-down list when typing the letters of the file type or link type, i.e. you don’t need to type the full extension and d ‘press Enter.

File Explorer

File Explorer has a bunch of fixes that resolve issues related to context menu crash, submenu drawing above current menu, blurry context menu icons, direct opening of files from menu opening and performance of command bar actions. Files on the desktop can now be renamed directly on the home page, the previous version did not allow users to do this and they had to change the names of the desktop folder in File Explorer.

Explorer should no longer crash when using Snap, Alt Tab, or Virtual Desktops. Storage Sense will clean up the SystemTemp folder as expected. The performance of the search function was improved, apparently the indexer database was fragmented resulting in high memory and CPU usage especially for people with large Outlook mailboxes.

Fixed a black screen issue that prevented the lock screen from displaying after the computer woke up. The latest version also fixes the WSL: fixed error 0x8007010b, which occurred when users tried to access Linux distributions using the subsystem i.e. wsl.localhost or wsl $

Update KB5008295 for Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview Channels

Microsoft has released update KB5008295 for Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview Channels. The update fixes an issue that prevented some apps from opening, including the following apps:

  • Biopsy tool
  • Touch keyboard, voice input and Emoji panel
  • Input Method Editor User Interface (IME UI)
  • Getting started and advice

Some users who had an error opening the apps tried to revert to a previous date as a workaround. But you don’t need to do that with this update. The release notes indicate that a Microsoft digital certificate that expired on October 31, 2021 is the cause of the issue. The update also fixes an issue with S mode, which prevented the Start menu and the Settings app from opening. The update does not change the firmware version number, you can check the Windows update history to see if the fix has been installed on your computer.

The performance improvements seem to be good, I can notice a slight difference in the speed of the search function. The context menu is still not impressive (I use it with Accessibility> Animations turned off). The mic mute option seems useful, but Microsoft needs to make it a global shortcut, instead of restricting it to Teams. Double clicking to mute the speaker volume would be nice too, wouldn’t it?


Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 adds mute mic button, fixes taskbar and explorer bugs

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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 adds mute mic button, fixes taskbar and explorer bugs

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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 brings some useful options, including a mute button. But there is a catch.




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